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About Us

Your home is your pride. It is a beautiful haven you have created for your family. When you ring the doorbell, you know your family is safe inside. The door to your home reflects your identity. It deserves to be a work of art that mesmerizes guests. Transform your doors, with precisionfab. We blend artistic metal craftwork with precision engineering to build stunning designer safety doors. It’s sheer poetry in steel.

Let’s reimagine your home as a masterpiece. Bring alive the patterns of sunlight pouring through the ornate canopy you dreamed of. Recreate a Romeo-Juliet moment in a magical balustraded balcony. Look out at the world through a stunning window grill that earns admiring glances. We conjure up all of this and much more, with metal. It looks as incredibly beautiful as it sounds! Experience the art of life, with precisionfab.

At the heart of our craftsmanship lies the artistry of CNC laser-cut designs, delivering an exquisite range of architectural metal fabrication solutions. From the opulence of single and double grill safety doors to the elegance of staircase railings, balcony railings, compound wall railing, main gate, window grills, skylight, pergola and bespoke wall decor, we transform your home into a masterpiece. Elevate your dwelling with grand architectural embellishments that epitomize luxury living.

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Our Story

Our journey began with a quest for a designer safety grill door for apartments, that could both secure and adorn the home entryway. Our team of engineering talent and skilled craftsmen, going through multiple iterations, conceived modern safety doors that combine contemporary safety features and vibrant artistic beauty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

After listening to many homeowners, builders, architects, and interior designers, we realized that architectural metal fabrication is on the cusp of a modern design revolution. We passionately jumped into the enormous opportunity to be a part of something great.Thus, we embarked on a design and fabrication journey with one ardent mission - "Create architectural metalwork to transform homes and apartments into breathtaking marvels."


Our atelier of artistry sees your home as the canvas to create something truly magnificent. Each custom-fabricated piece exudes sophisticated design, while boasting cutting-edge safety features that are seamlessly blended with aesthetic elegance. We ensure an easy digital purchasing process, from design finalization through shipping and installation. Don't worry; all our products arrive in fully finished condition in order to provide a premium installation experience.  At the core of it, all lies transparency. With no surprises in pricing plans, we ensure quality is never sacrificed in favour of convenience. precisionfab offers you an escape from the ordinary into an oasis of luxurious designs where safety and artistry come together beautifully, leaving an imprint of splendour upon your home's doorstep.

How We Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Welcome to precisionfab, where we fuse the art of design with the strength of metal. Explore a world where creativity knows no bounds, and let us elevate your spaces with our premium metal fabrications.

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Customer Enquiry

As a first step, potential customers reach out to express interest in our products via various channels. We gather crucial information by attentively listening to their needs and requirements. Next, we present them with a personalized selection of offerings that suit their preferences.


Initial Estimate

We evaluate the scope of the requirements and calculate an initial estimate. This preliminary cost assessment is then presented to the customer, providing them with an approximate idea of the pricing details. Throughout this process, we remain open to addressing any queries or suggested adjustments, ensuring a transparent and collaborative approach.


Site Analysis

As architectural metal fabricators, we recognize the importance of on-site evaluations to deliver precise solution. During the site visit, our team assesses the architectural nuances and specific requirements of the project, and takes precise measurements. This enables us to grasp the environmental factors and spatial constraints, ensuring our metal fabrication designs align seamlessly with the site.


Formal Quotation

We will then prepare a comprehensive formal quotation for the customer. This quotation encompasses detailed pricing, specific product or service specifications, delivery timelines, terms & conditions. We ensure that the quotation aligns precisely with the customer's needs and is presented in a professional and transparent manner.


Computer Modeling & Drafting

We commence the computer modeling and drafting phase. We create detailed 3D computer models and 2D technical drawings, enabling us to visualize and fine-tune every aspect before the fabrication process begins. These models also facilitate effective communication with all the stakeholders.



Our seasoned craftsmen brings the virtual designs to life by meticulously crafting the metal components according to the approved specifications. Using state-of-the-art machinery and precision tools, we work to create high-quality and customized pieces.



We enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of the metalwork through painting or powder coating. Painting involves applying a high-quality coat to achieve a wide range of colors and finishes. On the other hand, powder coating involves electrostatically applying a dry powder to the metal surface, which is then cured to create a durable and protective coating. Both methods not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide added protection against corrosion.


Quality Inspection

Throughout the process, we maintain strict quality control measures. Our dedicated quality control team meticulously examines each item to ensure that it meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and adheres to the approved designs specifications, ready to be installed and showcased in its intended space.


Packaging & Transport

We securely package the architectural metalwork using appropriate materials to protect it during shipping. We optimize loading and work with reliable logistics partners to ensure timely delivery to the installation site. Our careful packaging and transport process aim to deliver the metalwork in pristine condition for seamless installation.


Installation & Handover

This is a crucial step in our architectural metal fabrication process. After installing the product, we conduct a final inspection to guarantee quality and functionality, leaving no room for compromise. Once the installation is validated, we formally hand over the completed project to the customer, providing necessary documentation and maintenance guidelines. This marks the successful conclusion of the order process, and our commitment to delivering exceptional architectural metalwork that fulfills our customers' vision.