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Customer Enquiry

We are reachable via email (info@precisionfab.in), Whatsapp/phone call (88704 17282, 88070 33282), and Facebook/Instagram/threads (@precisionfab.in). Additionally, we would love to host you in person in our office at 200ft Radial Road, Kovilambakkam (9 am-6 pm, Monday-Saturday by appointment) and experience our products.

Typically, we receive confirmed designs directly from homeowners and architects. In the absence of it, our creative team can also suggest designs.

Our works are highly customized; hence, our pricing is specific to the requirements of each customer and is arrived at by taking into account the design, overall size, type of finish required, and site conditions for installation. We DO NOT charge by sqft or kg.

Yes, we do customized metal craftwork

We have a wide range of finishes available, viz. enamel spray coat, PU spray coat, and powder coating.

We do have a wide variety of colour options based on the type of finish required.

Yes, all our products are installed by our very specialized installation team (minimum order value is applied)

We currently operate in Chennai and Bangalore.

Ideally, this is the right time to contact us so that you can incorporate our unique installation requirements in your civil work and plan approvals. E.g. roof-top pergola structure, elevation facade. However, we will take final measurements once brickwork and plastering are complete.

While it is ideal to contact us at the start of home construction, you may also contact us before the painting work starts, as we take final measurements once brickwork and plastering works are complete.

Yes, you can visit our design studio, and we encourage you to do that as we have many of our product samples/miniatures on display at our design studio.

Many of our product samples/miniatures are displayed in our office. We also have colour samples and design albums available for your reference.

We take extreme care of our finishing process. We offer a couple of rust-proofing options for seashore applications - rust-proof zinc primer coating and hot-dip galvanizing. Additionally, we perform putty work, base coat, and clear, which provide additional rust-proofing layers.

Typical terms* are as follows:
Booking - ₹5,000 (non-refundable, adjusted in final bill)
Advance - 50% of the total value (incl. GST)
Before Delivery - 25% of the total value (incl. GST)
After Installation - 25% of the total value (incl. GST) minus ₹5,000
*May vary based on the total value of goods

You can pay us via Bank Transfer. We also accept UPI, credit cards, and debit cards. Convenience fee is applied for UPI and card transactions.

We fabricate almost all metal products required in villas or apartments. Exterior Products - Main gate, Compound wall railing, Balcony Railing, Elevation facade, Pergola, Car parking shade, and Bollard light. Interior Products - Safety door, Skylight, Window grill, Staircase railing, Partition wall, Pooja room door, and Interior decorative items.

Please visit our gallery page - https://www.precisionfab.in/gallery

We have a wide variety of designs as part of our prior work. We also have a set of curated designs (3rd party) pinned in our Pinterest account (@precisionfabindia)

Site Analysis

During the initial site analysis, our goal is to take initial measurements and assess installation feasibility in order to give you an accurate quotation. Post order confirmation, we may visit the site to take final measures to design and manufacture the product.

We expect both the architect and homeowner / decision-maker to be present during the initial site analysis. In case the architect is not available in person, the homeowner / decision-maker must be able to articulate requirements and answer any civil/design questions we may have.

We do not charge separately for site analysis. However, we take a nominal booking advance, which will be adjusted in the final bill.


Upon order confirmation, we may visit your site one or many times to take final measurements. The architect/home-owner need not be present, but we request a site-incharge should be present. Using the final measurements, we create a 2D drawings and a 3D models.

Yes. After the order confirmation, we will share 3D renders along with colour choices that will help you to visualize the final output.

Yes, you may change the design as many times as required until you are satisfied with the output. Once drawings are approved and released for production, we are afraid, any more design changes can not be accommodated.


Once you review and confirm the 2D drawings, we will start the fabrication.

We take 15 days* to deliver the product once drawing is approved. However, this timeline varies depending on the product, finish, and installation requirements. Since we create products that need perfection, we are unable to take urgent orders.

Upon order confirmation, we will assign a dedicated customer service executive who will be in constant touch with you to update the progress. We will soon launch online order tracking.

Since the products are transported in a fully painted/powder-coated condition, we take extreme care in packaging to protect the product. We typically transport the product in a closed container vehicle for additional protection.

Yes. We take quality seriously, and as such, we do more than adequate rust-proofing in our products. We offer two types of rust-proofing - application of zinc primer coats and hot-dip galvanizing (HDG)

We invite you to our office to check the status remotely via CCTV cameras installed at factory. Additionally, you could also inspect the quality in-person at factory.

Installation and handover

Before shipping the products from our factory, we assess the site conditions and prerequisites to determine the date of arrival of the shipment and the dates for installation. Once a date is set for the shipment's arrival, we will allocate workforce and equipment during the installation timeframe. Our team will stay at the site (if no options are available in the vicinity of the site) throughout the installation time frame. The installation manager will complete handover formalities after inspection and clearance by the customer. Installation dates, once confirmed, are only changeable due to unforeseen circumstances.

Installation timeframe depends on the product. It varies from half a day for a door to up to a few weeks for large installations. We will let you know an indicative timeframe during order confirmation and a final timeframe during site inspection before shipping the products.

We expect our customers to contribute to helping us realize your dream home. As such, we seek your support in honoring the prerequisites as agreed during the order confirmation. Examples include scaffolding, lighting arrangements, and site arrangements if there are no stay options available in the vicinity of the site.

We provide free* service for up to 1 year post installation.